Health Promoting Nursery

health promoting nurseryOur Nursery has achieved a Gold Award in the
Health Promoting Nursery Award Scheme

As part of our gold award in health promotion we now run a fruit and vegetable co-op scheme in lines with Lanarkshire Food and Health Partnership (LCFHP). LCFHP is a registered charity which has been working across North Lanarkshire to promote healthy eating for the last 20 years. They currently support and maintain a network of community run food initiatives which enable local people to improve their health and wellbeing through benefits of a healthier diet. The co-op is non profit making and all fruit and vegetables are sold at cost price and locally sourced.

Health & Wellbeing

Our service dedicated to working in effective partnership with children, parents, carers and the wider community in raising awareness to support their general wellbeing, health, nutrition and safety.
In delivering a broad balanced curriculum we aim to educate our children and parents through a variety of personal, social and health Programmes, to empower them with the knowledge, life skills and positive attitudes towards living a healthier lifestyle.

The aims of our Health Promotion programme are:
• To continue to promote and develop awareness of healthy living through curricular programmes, planning and Nursery routine.
• To empower staff, children and parents of the local community with the knowledge to change their own lifestyles.
• To improve the ethos of the Nursery by maintaining links with partners in the local community to support and respond to local health issues.
• To monitor and evaluate our practice regularly and effectively to promote a Health Promoting Nursery.